For the article about Nitrome's one hundredth game, see Nitrome Must Die.
Nitrome 2.0 100th Game Touchy

The 100th Game skin became available to the website once Nitrome Must Die was released on November 24, 2011. The game features a dark background with a cake, and to the bottom right Austin Carter and Justin Bennet are breaking in and firing their guns.


The skin features various characters from different Nitrome games, as well as the main characters from the one hundredth game release, Austin Carter and Justin Bennet. A cake and banners displaying the number 100 can also be seen. All characters and objects are placed against the same background that was used for the Nitrome Must Die website.


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Interactive skin

The image below is an interactive skin. Mouse over anywhere to see the description of that object. Click on it to read more.

100th game nitromePoly (Roly Poly)Cerberus creature (Twin Shot)Quackbot (Chisel)Mr. snips (Dangle)Mr. snips (Dangle)Mr. snips (Dangle)Henchman (Enemy 585)Green troll (Square Meal)White dragon (Yin Yang)Black dragon (Ying Yang)Austin Carter (Nitrome Must Die)Justin Bennet (Nitrome Must Die)Hot Air balloonMr. Nibbles (Cave Chaos)Black dragon (Ying Yang)Executive (Nitrome Must Die)Purple pig (Twin Shot)Robotic squid (Toxic)Furry creature (Frost Bite)Drill (Hot Air)Dragon (Twin Shot)Flies (Feed Me & Pest Control)Bee (Skywire)Nipbot (Chisel)Penguin (Snot Drift)


  • This is the second skin to be directly based off a game, with the first being the Steampunk skin.
  • Before the release of The Bricks skin (which up to this day has lasted for five years as the latest skin), this was the longest lasting skin before the release of the Touchy skin.

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