A list of events related to Nitrome in 2011.




  • March 2nd - Test Subject Blue is released
  • March 4th - An image for Chisel 2 is posted
  • March 8th - A video trailer for the "Unnamed Strategy Game" is finally revealed, the game being called Steamlands
  • March 9th - Nitrome updates Test Subject Blue so that players can now submit their scores
  • March 11th - Video preview for Chisel 2 is released
  • March 16th - Chisel 2 is released
  • March 21st - Canary is named Internet Game of the Month in Edge magazine
  • March 23rd - Video preview for Knight Trap is released
  • March 28th - Preview image of Silly Sausage is released.





  • July 5th -Office Trap is released.
  • July 7th - Nitrome fixes a bunch of bugs in Office Trap
  • July 8th - Silly Sausage is featured in Edge Magazine. On the same day Nitrome releases a preview of Canopy.
  • July 11th - Nitrome releases a patched version of Office Trap
  • July 14th - Nitrome releases a preview image of 2.0
  • July 15th - A trailer for Canopy is released
  • July 20th - Nitrome renames Rubble Trouble Rubble Trouble New York, and also adds two new levels
  • July 22nd - Office Trap is reviewed by PC Gamer
  • July 25th - Nitrome adds the Bats back to Cave Chaos, after they mysteriously disappeared
  • July 28th - Rustyard is fixed so that level 2 can be accessed. Rubble Trouble Tokyo is also released.


  • August 2nd - A bug in Dangle is fixed
  • August 5th - Nitrome updates Steamlands to Version 1.02. The Tank building contest is also started
  • August 12th - Nitrome addresses the issues with Nitrome's old keyboard game in Google Chrome Browsers
  • August 15th - Nitrome fixes a bug in Rubble Trouble Tokyo and releases several preview images of Mega Mash.
  • August 17th - Nitrome fixes a bug in Hot Air 2: All Blown Up
  • August 19th - Nitrome releases Canopy
  • August 24th - Nitrome begins to roll out changes for, doing the transition from 1.5 to 2.0
  • August 25th - The Distributable games section is released along with twelve games distributable games.
  • August 26th - Nitrome makes a post about the new features and changes in 2.0



  • October 3rd - Nitrome fixes some of the glitches in Mega Mash, including the ones which make completing the game impossible.
  • October 13th - Nitrome releases the Steamlands Player Pack.
  • October 27th -Nitrome releases Stumped .