A list of events related to Nitrome in 2012.



  • February 2nd - Rainbogeddon is released.
  • February 7th - Canary is voted the Best Browser Action/Arcade Game of 2011 at the JayisGames Best of 2011.
  • February 9th - Rainbogeddon is featured in Free Indie Rapid Fire.
  • February 14th - Memory Lane post of early Twang development is put on the Nitrome blog.
  • February 15th - A pixely preview image hinting Cave Chaos 2 is released.
  • February 17th - Swindler preview image is publicised.
  • February 21st - Swindler is released.
  • February 22nd - Minor bugs fixed in Swindler.
  • February 24th - Nitrome released a preview of Cave Chaos 2.



  • April 4th - Canary is released as a distributable game.
  • April 13th - Cheese Dreams 2 demo is updated, Flash Cat becomes distributable.
  • April 18th - Silly Sausage becomes distributable.
  • April 19th - A preview of the Under-Dweller for Cave Chaos 2 is released.
  • April 20th - Nitrome releases Gunbrick, created as an icon game experiment.
  • April 25th - Swindler becomes distributable.
  • April 26th - Major issues with Gunbrick's release are fixed.


  • May 1st - Temple Glider is released as a distributable game.
  • May 2nd - Hot Air Jr Demo is released.
  • May 4th - More updates about the 2.1 site update are explained in the blog.
  • May 9th - Final Ninja Zero becomes distributable.
  • May 12th - Nitrome releases a Hot Air Jr. demo, their second demo.
  • May 14th - A new blog section called Pixel Love is posted on the blog, featuring developer games outside of Nitrome. The first Pixel Love is Super Puzzle Platformer
  • May 16th - Rubble Trouble Tokyo becomes a distributable game.
  • May 17th - Cave Chaos 2 is released.
  • May 23rd - Double Edged is released as a distributable game.
  • May 30th - Test Subject Green becomes distributable.
  • May 31st - Swindler is included as a Casual Connect game, Nitrome also introduces a "Questions" section, allowing Nitromians to ask questions through Facebook.


  • June 6th - Fat Cat becomes distributable and major bugs are fixed in Small Fry.
  • June 7th - Super Snot Put is released but promptly taken down due to unforeseen technical difficulties.
  • June 13th - Super Snot Put is re-released.
  • June 14th - Twin Shot is released as a distributable game.
  • June 20th - Cave Chaos becomes distributable.
  • June 27th - Steamlands Player Pack becomes a distributable game.
  • June 28th - Hot Air Jr is released.


  • July 4th - Super Treadmill becomes a distributable game.
  • July 12th - The mystery iPhone game has been revealed to be Ice Breaker iOS. An "iPhone" link is also added to the website navigation.
  • July 18th - Skywire 2 is now distributable.
  • July 19th - J-J-Jump is released.





  • November 1st - The Flightless Demo becomes a distributable game.
  • November 15th - Swindler 2 is revealed to be in development. A trailer was released.
  • November 21st - Swindler 2 is released, the first Nitrome game ever to be compatible with Nitrome Touchy at launch. Also, Nitrome Touchy is released for Android.


  • December 6th - Ice Beak is released and announced to be the first of the two winter Nitrome games of the season.
  • December 18th - Bad Ice Cream 2 is announced to be the second of the two winter Nitrome games of the season and Nitrome Touchy compatible. The game is said to be coming to Nitrome "very soon".
  • December 19th - Swindler is announced to be free with Nitrome Touchy.
  • December 21st - Bad Ice Cream 2 is released. However, due to time constraints, the game is not made Nitrome Touchy compatible upon release.
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