A list of events related to Nitrome in 2013.





  • April 5th - B.C. Bow Contest is made compatible with Nitrome Touchy, supporting up to two players. MochiCoins content is also fixed, so that players are able to unlock premium arrows for free. Players can also unlock Cheats n' Treats by completing cups.
  • April 9th - An update on accounts is posted. In the update, they mention how they were testing the account system, how they will test it in the future, potential problems with accounts (including abusing the report button and cheating to get achievements such as badges and avatars), and information about avatars. They also release another preview image of an example profile page, this time more updated in design and features.
  • April 11th - A video trailer for Test Subject Complete is released. The trailer gives a preview of the main character, Rex209, and all of the actions it can perform. It also gives hints as to the storyline of the game and the conclusion to the story presented in the Test Subject series.
  • April 18th - Super Stock Take is made a distributable game.
  • April 19th - A preview image for Colour Blind is released.


  • May 7th - Test Subject Complete is released.
  • May 13th - Nitrome fixes many of the major glitches in the game Test Subject Complete. These glitches include the reset level glitches, the invisible steps glitches, and the laser sound loop issues. Also, Nitrome announces that Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage is 99% complete, releasing another dev diary to commemorate this event.
  • May 14th - Rovio announces that they are launching a "new mobile game publishing initiative, Rovio Stars, which would feature the best new games from talented and innovative developers", as stated on the Nitrome blog. The first game to be featured in the Rovio Stars series is Ice Breaker: A Viking Voyage. Rovio also released a new trailer of the game to accompany the featuring.



  • July 3rd - An upcoming update to Nitrome Touchy (Touchy 2.0) is announced to be in development a preview image of Test Subject Blue's Touchy controller skin is also revealed.
  • July 5th - Accounts are set to be released for next week.
  • July 12th - Accounts go live on briefly before they are taken down due to an overwhelming amount of bugs that come up.
  • July 19th - Accounts are re-released with bug fixes.
  • July 23rd - Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage is announced to be in development for Android devices.


  • August 1st - A second image of Oodlegobs is revealed, along with the game's official name.
  • August 7th - The achievements system is announced to be part of the Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage update.
  • August 8th - An additional level pack is announced to be another update to Icebreaker: A Viking Voyage.
  • August 14th - An animated preview image with playable characters from the upcoming Test Subject Arena 2 is posted.
  • August 16th - The Touchy 2.0 update for Nitrome Touchy is released.
  • August 28th - Flightless is officially Greenlit on Steam.
  • August 29th - Oodlegobs is released.


  • September 11th - Eight new avatars are released.
  • September 24th - The title of Cheese Dreams: New Moon is announced, along with a preview image and information about the game content.
  • September 25th - The progress on Test Subject Arena 2 is announced, including information about Nitrome Touchy compatibility, characters, and single-player mode, along with a preview image.




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