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Adobe Flash, also known simply as "Flash", is a deprecated[1] multimedia platform created by Adobe designed to make web apps, mobile apps, pages, including ads and browser-based games. Flash has an internal programming language called ActionScript. Games written in Flash can have micropayments, like MochiCoins, although MochiCoins have been discontinued. Adobe Flash was originally called "Macromedia Flash."


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ActionScript is the programming language that is used with Adobe Flash. It is based on Java, but is not the same a Java. It is mainly used in combination with Flash, but sometimes can be found working without Flash.

Flash Player

The Adobe Flash Player is needed to run Flash games and applications. Unlike Flash, it is free, which is one of the many reasons the online game market is so large right now. This is needed to play all Nitrome games, as said before. Nitrome does not give away the Flash Player on their site, so it must be obtained through (but there is a link to to download it if a game is played without it).

Since newer games are produced using more up-to-date versions of Flash, the later the release date of the game, an increasingly up-to-date version of Flash Player is required to run the game.


  • A reliable way of checking if a game or advertisement is written in Flash is by right clicking it. If it says "About Adobe Flash Player {version number}", it is written in Flash.
  • This is the same as Shockwave, Flash CS4, Flash CS5, Flash CS3, and Flash Professional.


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