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The Nitrome 2.1 advertised games box empty

Adverstised games is a feature Nitrome added to their website on June 19, 2012.


The advertised games box features games from other advertisers, and when clicked on, would take the player to the website where the game was from. All advertised games are from the website GameRevolution.


Nitrome 2.0

Pictures of the advertised game appeared in the small game boxes that were identical to the ones Nitrome used for their other games, except that the outline of the perimeter was orange instead of white. Above the games were the words "Advertised games" in orange letters.

Advertised games took the place of the classic games section, which was the same as advertised games, but that it showed some of Nitrome's older games - not advertised ones. The advertised games are found when the player played a game on the Nitrome website. Beneath the gaming screen, there were four new games (left side of the bottom) and four advertised games (right side of the bottom).

Nitrome 2.1

In the Nitrome 2.1 website update, Nitrome gave the advertised games a new look. They were located in a yellow-rimmed rectangle. Inside of that was the same four orange-rimmed boxes that showed a picture of the advertised games. Above the games were the words "Advertised games" in the same letters, but this time with a yellow box with an exclamation mark ( ! ) next to it.

The advertised games were found on the main page, and underneath the gaming screen. When the player played a game, there was a large area titled "More games", and in the third section of that there were the advertised games.


  • Ironically, sometimes the advertised games would link to GameRevolution's "Top NDS Games" list, and many of these games would be Nitrome's, linking back to Nitrome's site when clicked.

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