Alien ants are enemies in the game Canary.


From their appearance, the alien ant has a look of a winged ant. The actual appearance of the alien ant is an ant like head with a blue eye, followed by a hump in the back where the wings are, which is followed by a large alien bulbs, which the legs are attached to.

Game information

The alien ant is encountered in small groups of three or four. Alien ants move at a medium speed, horizontally left. They can be considered quite deadly, due to what they release upon death, which is why they should be avoided rather then killed. Alien ants can be easily killed with the laser gun, but upon death, mini birds will fly out fast out of the alien bulb in the same direction it was heading. It can be quite hard for the player to avoid these birds, due to their speed.

It is not known whether the alien ant is the one that lays alien bulbs, which are believed to be eggs. Since they are seen to be holding the egg, it is easily believed they bred the creatures, but since birds come out instead of ants, it is possible that the alien ants are simply just carrying the egg, transporting it to another destination. The bulb has also become significantly weaker when carried by the ant.