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This article is about aliens from Canary. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.


This article is about bees from Canary. For bees from other games, please see Bees.

Alien bees are enemies in the games Canary and Nitrome Must Die.


The alien bee has a round and pink body. It levitates itself with its small blue wings. Its head is purple, round, two antennae atop its head, and two light blue eyes. Its body also has purple spots on it.

Game information


Alien bees are first introduced on level four of Canary. They will stay positioned in one area, not moving from that area. From where it is, toxic gasses will be blown from holes on its body. The bee can take only take a certain amount of damage from the laser gun before exploding.

When it explodes, it will leave a cloud of purple gas where it once was. This toxic gas will harm the player on contact, and cannot be removed. Sometimes in Canary, the player will have to drop rock on alien bees in order to pass them, as well as avoid their toxic gasses.

Nitrome Must Die

Alien bees appear in Nitrome Must Die, but only on a challenge Level where the weapon is cluster bomb. In the challenge level alien bees appear in, there are two pillars which separate the player from the far left and far right sides of the level. Alien bees are spawned out of the two pipes in the ceiling.

Alien bees follow the player, homing in on them. When killed, they release a toxic gas that will hurt the player, damaging them one health point every second they are in it. This gas is the same as the cloud of gas shot by the fart gun, only that the cloud is purple. Alien bees are difficult to kill in this level, as the player is only armed with cluster bomb, so timing is essential so that the gas cloud and the remaining shells of the weapon does not harm the player.


  • Alien bees are one of the few enemies that retain their sprite in Nitrome Must Die from the game that they originated from.