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This article is about birds from Canary. For birds from other games, please see Birds.

Alien birds are enemies in the game Canary.


Alien birds have a blue eye in between two pieces of metal. These pieces of metal are grey at the front with a yellow line behind the grey part and pink towards the end.

Game information

Alien birds fly in groups of four in a formation of a plus sign (+), the birds being at the end of the plus sign. They fly in a zig-zag motion, even through walls and enemies.They have no special attack, and will explode when they touch Canary 214-LE. While moving, they move their winglike beak up and down periodically. They appear less times as opposed to any other enemy.


  • The alien bird may be a type of alien bat, judging from their similar appearance to them.
  • The beaks of the bird are coloured in warning stripes, suggesting the birds are actually alien larvas with the ability to fly and pieces of metal as beaks.
  • The appearance of the alien bird is likely based off of Shriekbats from the Metroid series.
    • Their behavior bears similarities to Wavers, also from the Metroid series.
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