This article is about aliens from Canary. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Alien bulbs are enemies in the game Canary.


Alien bulbs are attached to walls by pink vines. The bulbs themselves are round and pink and some are different sizes from the others.

Game information

Alien bulbs appear stationary, attached to walls. The bulbs are always seen in groups of seven full grown bulbs, of different sizes and some in different stages. The bulbs are indestructible and cannot be removed, releasing mini birds when the full grown bulbs are shot. The alien bulbs also consist of smaller, premature bulbs, which do not count to the bulbs full count.

They bulbs seem to be similar to the behind of alien ants, although they are probably no way spawned by them. It is possible that the bulbs are in fact eggs laid by alien birds, which would explain the mini birds and the numerous bulbs. They don't have that many appearances in Canary, as opposed to other enemies. They seem to be positioned at places Canary 214-LE would be likely to shoot.


  • It is most likely that these alien bulbs are eggs laid by alien ants; however, when an alien ant is killed the bulb behind itself breaks apart, letting mini birds out in that direction. It is possible that alien ants are just creatures that are transporting the bulbs, as they seem weaker behind the alien ant, possibly meaning alien bulbs are stronger when attached to their bulb wall.
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