This article is about aliens from Canary. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Alien pods are hazards in the game Canary.


Alien pods are pink with patches of purple on them. They are round and sometimes found attached to pink vines.

Game Information

They appear very rarely in Canary, as opposed to other enemies. The actual pod will explode when it touches anything (rock, metal, Canary 214-LE, etc.), the actual pod being very weak. When the pod explodes, it releases a toxic purple gas harmful to Canary miners.

This purple gas will not disappear, and cannot be removed. The second creature to release purple gas is the alien bee. Alien pods are first introduced as a single pod attached to pink vines taking the place of a spike balls. They can be simply avoided, or the tentacle can be shot to throw them against the rock, breaking them and yielding the player points.

This type appears in only a few levels. The next type is just a usual alien pod, which will simply fall from the top of the screen, breaking on the ground and releasing the purple gas. Oddly enough they fall through the rock on the ceiling but once they touch the rock on the ground they break open. These type of pods appear in only two levels, the levels being close to the end of Canary.


  • Alien pods may be young spike balls (the alien spore type). This may be so as many smaller versions of big enemies appear in Canary. This may also be an entire different creature, or a type of rock. This may be also false as the spike ball on the pink tentacles are believed to be inanimate.
  • When the second type of alien pod drops and breaks on the ground, the player will receive points for the breaking pods, as if they were killed by Canary 214-LE. This will also happen with other enemies who are killed by something else.