Alien saucers are enemies in the game Bullethead, and are the first ones encountered. Alien saucers are piloted by a two tentacled pinkish alien, and are often encountered in Bullethead in groups. They also appear in the game Nitrome Must Die.


The alien saucers have a glass window surrounding their ship. The side of the ship is mounted with tube guns sticking out, with two on the front and two on the sides. The bottom of the ship has a cannon where the pink spheres are fired in Bullethead. In Bullethead, after fifty percent of the enemy's health is depleted, the glass will have medium sized chip on the right.

Game information


Alien saucers move left and right across the screen, shooting pink spheres from the bottom of the craft, similar to the way aliens from the arcade game Space Invaders move and shoot. They are encountered usually in groups, moving horizontally across the screen. Six hits will kill them.

Nitrome Must Die

Alien Saucer 3


Alien saucers appear in Nitrome Must Die, only in one level. They have a more cartoon like appearance and are bigger, but other than that look the same as they did in Bullethead. Alien saucers move towards the player, and every few seconds fire several pink bullets. They are quite strong, and can take several hits. They move around in the air and are sometimes hard to hit, as they can be high up.

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