This article is about aliens from Canary. For aliens from other games, please see Aliens.

Alien spores are hazards in the game Canary.


Alien spores consist of a pink tentacle and a spike ball. The tentacle is bouncy, and can be easily destroyed by shooting it with the laser gun.

Game information


Alien spores are the first signs of the aliens on Canary Mining Colony CM08, subsequently, they are the first type of alien life form introduced.

In game

The spike ball is located between tentacles, and is what other tentacles are attached to. The spike ball is pink with spikes on the ball. The spike ball will harm miner Canaries, and Canary 214-LE. The actual pink tentacle Canary 214-LE can pass through with ease and easily destroy. In the first few levels in Canary, Canary 214-LE will encounter lots of pink tentacles and spike balls.

Pink tentacles are sometimes seen holding alien pods, which can be destroyed by either shooting it or it touching anything, which upon exploding it will release a unmovable purple gas lethal to Canary 214-LE. Throughout Canary, Canary 214-LE will encounter much pink tentacles in many levels. Pink tentacles are also what is commonly seen on corrupted Canary machinery.

A blue eye belonging to an alien larva is also seen on all corrupted machinery. Pink tentacles vary in size from object-to-object, but these pink tentacles do not come from the alien spores, but belong to the alien larva, a type of creature used by the aliens to corrupt machinery and brainwash Miner Canaries. Most pink tentacles on rocks are from tentacle spike balls, although some are also from alien larva's.

The tentacles on rock will make it harmful to Canary 214-LE, and will hurt him on contact with it, mainly because they also use the alien larva.


  • It is not known, but theorized, that the alien pod is a young spike ball. This is possible, but is also highly not possible, as the spike ball is believed to be inanimate.