Aliens, named Pinkies for pink aliens and Blueys for blue aliens, are the main characters of the mobile phone game Four Play.


When not in their UFO, aliens appear spherical in shape and have one large eye on the center of their body, this eye appearing as a white circle with a black dot in the middle. Their skin can be pink or light blue. The UFO's that some ride have a yellow hemispherical tube windshield and a purple coloured saucer that is split in half with a thick line. There are several white circles on the lower half that spin around with the saucer. When an alien is inside a saucer, their shape changes from a circle to an almost teardrop shape.

Game information

Aliens are seen throughout Four Play, the pink alien in its saucer being the one primarily seen throughout the game. An alien is soon on the game's startup, menu, on the selection menu, and during gameplay. During gameplay, the player controls an alien on their turn and navigates it left or right with Left or Right. Dropping an alien is done by pressing enter.

Aliens in UFOs, during gameplay, are only used for dropping an alien, while circular aliens are dropped only by the UFO aliens, these alien staying in place on the board once impacting the ground or another alien. If four circular aliens form a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line, the game is won.


The about section of Four Play contains the following explanation for the aliens' backstory:

"Every cosmic solar cycle, the pinkies and blueys travel back to their home planet to mate and reproduce. As always there is a scramble for available space. Their courtship ritual dictates that they must form a row of four of their own colour in order to mate. Taking it in turns, the aim of the game is to form a row of four before the opposing colour does so. In doing this you will ensure the survival of their species!"

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