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The angels are the main characters of the Twin Shot series.


Angels are creatures with cat-like ears and wings. They are either pink for player one or orange for player two. They are likely based on Cupid from Roman and Greek mythology or Christian Cherubs. On their chest, they have what appears to be a brown belt with a golden yellow buckle and holes.

Game information

Twin Shot series

Angels make their first appearance in the Twin Shot series. Angels can move horizontally, fall, and jump two blocks high. They are armed with bows and an infinite amount of arrows, which they use to kill the beasts in the level. Angels can use various power-ups to allow them to perform certain tasks, unperformable without the power up. Angels can be damaged and will fall off the screen dead if damaged three times in a row.

Custom angels

TS2 Skins Ad

The option to buy the skins on Twin Shot 2

After making a free MochiCoins account, players could unlock customizable colours for the angels in the form of skins, in Twin Shot 2. After the account was made, the player could "buy" the skins for zero MochiCoins.

However, in February 2013, Nitrome modified the game so that all skins were free to access without a MochiCoins account.


  • Demon - A red cat with red, bat-like wings
  • Shadow - A black angel with white wings
  • Ghost - A pale pink cat, with the same color scheme as the enemies from the Cave Chaos series.
  • Tiger - An orange cat with dark orange stripes
  • Statue - A cat with the colour of Talos's feet; has cracks.

B.C. Bow Contest


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In B.C. Bow Contest, the pink angel appears as a secret character, unlockable only by using the B.C. Bow Contest Cheats N' Treats. The player needs to open up the Cheats N' Treats menu, followed by turning the "Secret character" option on. When the player goes to the "Player select" menu, the pink angel can be found.


To demonstrate the general interactions of the main character with Surface's game mechanic, Nitrome used the tiger angel in Surface to demonstrate the general interactions of the main character with Surface's game mechanic. The angel would not have appeared in the final game. [1]

Double Edged

An angel appears as a statue during 3-2. It has the appearance as if the wind is blowing in its face and it (the angel) is going against the wind. The angel has been turned to stone by Medusa. The angel functions as any other statue, the exclusivity about the angel being that it is only found on level 3-2.

Twin shot stone

The angel as a statue on 3-2

Unusually, Double Edged features an unused image of the angel statue in 2-# level conditions. Instead of appearing dark and black coloured as it appeared in 3-2, this unused image depicts it in its same position as in 3-2, but the rock that makes up this statue being greenish. It is unknown why such an image exists. It is possible its existence indicates that Medusa was meant to appear in 2-# levels, but with Medusa being moved to 3-# levels, a version of the angel statue with a dark palette was created.

Another possibility is that the unused image of the angel statue exists is that if one were to hack the angel statue to 2-# level conditions, the unused angel image would be used instead of the game being crashed due to the image not existing.

Other appearances

  • Nitrome 2.0 skin - The orange angel appears as a car in the Nitrome 2.0 skin.
  • Double Edged - An angel (presumably the pink one) appears petrified as a stone statue
  • Facebook advertisement - On Nitrome's Facebook advertisement, the angels' faces appear in one of the squares.
  • Factory skin - The pink angel appears as a robot being spray painted pink in the Factory skin.
  • Party skin - The orange and pink angel appear with their bows in the Party skin.
  • Steamlands - A red, black, and orange flag with an angel on it can be purchased on the level "The Mirror of Venus".
  • Avalanche skin - An angel appears running away from an avalanche.



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  • Probably coincidental, but the game Rockitty was released exactly one month after Twin Shot 2, and Rockitty involves a cat as the main character.
  • Although angels are considered by many as cats, Nitrome has said that angels are not cats, they only have cat-like ears.[2]


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  2. Nitrome blog: - Ditto Update 2 → Comment by Nitrome (16 Mar, 2014 02:07:38):
    We never saw the Twin Shot creatures as Cats...they just have cat like ears but are different creatures.
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