Arctic birds are enemies in the games Frost Bite 2 and Nitrome Must Die.


Arctic birds have thick green plumage and toucan-like beaks. zeach has a green head with a visible yellow eye, and a giant golden beak. Below their heads are what seem to be feet, while closer to the top of their head are small wings.

Game information

Frost Bite 2

Arctic birds make their debut in this game at level two. They fly only vertically, having a limited range in which they continuously travel up and down, sticking their tongues out at intervals. They are often placed in areas where the Eskimo is unable to stop moving. They are killed, like most other enemies, by shooting them with the grappling hook, although they can also be jumped on.

Nitrome Must Die

Arctic Bird (NMD)


Arctic Bird 2

An arctic bird sticking out its tongue (NMD)

Arctic birds appear in Nitrome Must Die fairly early in the game. They attack by sticking out their tongue at Austin Carter or Justin Bennet, and are also dangerous on contact. They fly in a similar pattern to their counterparts in Frost Bite 2, up and down. They shoot their tongue when either Austin or Justin passes by them.

Other appearances

  • Avalanche skin - An arctic bird appears flying away from an avalanche. It has a black 'x' in its eye rather than its normal pupil, giving the notion that it is dying.

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