Asteroid 512 is the location where the Canary story is set. The asteroid is brown coloured, and is floating in space amongst other asteroids. The miner canaries had colonized the asteroid, building a mining colony on it.

Game Information


A group of miner canaries first discovered an asteroid that was abundant with valuable minerals. Upon seeing this, Foreman White, the boss canary, decided to set up a mining colony on that particular asteroid. The colony was known as Canary Mining Colony CM08.

One day, a small squad of aliens infiltrated his mine. They were first discovered by Canary 214-LE, the main character of the game. Samples of the aliens were taken to the lab in the facility, and a miner thought they could be worth something. Alien troops later attacked the mine, using the miner's equipment and infecting other miners on the asteroid.

With one non-corrupted canary left (Canary 214-LE), the alien army tried to turn him on to their side, but failed to do so. As a last resort, they planted a bomb in the facility. Canary 214-LE, however escaped the explosion. The asteroid and facility, along with the entire colony, was destroyed.


Asteroid 512 was found to have crystals, which could be mined and sold for a great deal of money. This was probably the only use Asteroid 512 had.

In game

Asteroid 512 is seen from outside in the opening in the introduction of Canary. The rock that makes up the asteroid is encountered in every section of the colony.