This article is about asteroids from Rockitty. For asteroids from Mega Mash, please see Asteroids (Mega Mash).

Asteroids are interactive objects introduced in level two of the game Rockitty.


Asteroids are purple coloured and are covered with many craters. They often appear in groups and alternate in different sizes.

Game information

Asteroids appear in many levels of Rockitty. They often appear in groups, floating around slowly until Rockitty hits them. Like most surfaces in the game, Rockitty will bounce off an asteroid upon hitting it. This causes the asteroid to split in two smaller asteroids that fly away more quickly, and grants the player 100 points.
Asteroid explode

An asteroid being hit

There are three sizes of asteroids, however, they each grant the player the same amount of points when hit. When the smallest size of asteroid is hit, it will smash into non-existence. Whenever any asteroid is destroyed, a circle of stars will come out from it, along with the number 100 (signifying the amount of points given).

Sometimes, they require several hits to clear a path before Rockitty can continue on in the game.