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The Bad Ice-Cream series is made up of Bad Ice-Cream and its sequels, Bad Ice-Cream 2 and Bad Ice Cream 3. They are all official winter games.

The games consist of the player controlling an ice cream character that tries to eat all the fruit in each of the levels. The ice cream characters all have the ability to fire ice blocks and the ability to break rows and columns of adjacent ice blocks. These skills can be used to defend the ice cream characters from enemies. Each of the games is also multiplayer.

Series games

Ico badicecream.png Bad Ice-Cream

Bad Ice-Cream, the first game of the series, was released on December 10, 2010. The game allows the player to choose between three flavors of ice cream- chocolate, vanilla, and strawberry. The game became Nitrome Touchy enabled some time after Bad Ice-Cream 2 was Touchy enabled.

BIC2.PNG Bad Ice-Cream 2

Bad Ice-Cream 2 is the second game of the series and was released on December 21st 2012, becoming Nitrome's second winter game of the year. The game became available for both iOS and Android versions in January 2013 and became able to be played by up to four players simultaneously. Four player multiplayer was postponed due to the rush Nitrome made to release Bad Ice-Cream 2 before their Christmas vacation. The game introduced many new hazards and enemies as well as three new flavors: sorbet, mint-choc-chip, and bubble gum.

Ico badicecream3.png Bad Ice-Cream 3

Bad Ice-Cream 3 was released on December 20, 2013. Two additional playable characters were introduced: licorice (purple) and smokey bacon (red) ice cream. Multiple new enemies were introduced to the game, as well as some "exotic" fruits.[1] Bad Ice-Cream 3 is the only game in the Bad Ice-Cream series to formally introduce enemies and fruit before the release. The game also incorporates desert elements.


  • This was the first game series to be ported to HTML5.


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