Basic bomb
Basic bomb
A basic bomb from Toxic II
Ammunition Infinite
Action Explodes
Game(s) Toxic series, Bump Battle Royale

Basic bombs are a type of bomb in the Toxic series.


Basic bombs have two appearances: their Toxic I and Toxic II appearance. In Toxic I, they appear as a grey sphere with a rectangle that shows the time remaining until the bomb explodes. In Toxic II, they appear square, with red corners. The actual bomb is smaller compared to the Toxic I variant.

In Toxic I
In Toxic II
Basic Bomb (Toxic 1)
Basic bomb

Game information

Toxic series


The glitch in action

The player starts off each game and each level with an infinite number of basic bombs. The explosion caused by the bomb is blue in Toxic I, and yellow in Toxic II; both explosions being a usual sized explosion.

Since the player has an infinite number of them, they can be dropped while the player runs. Bomb shooting robots fire basic bombs as an attack, these bombs acting and appearing the same as the player's.


Hitting the space bar many times while running in Toxic II will cause the player to lay a massive amount of bombs and lag up the game.

Bump Battle Royale

Appearing exclusively on the Toxic arena, bombs are occasionally thrown occasionally from the audience by someone watching. When any player touches the bomb, it will activate and explode in five seconds. If the bomb explodes and any players are caught in the explosion, they will be stunned and lose all their power collected through samples.