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Basic robots are the first enemies encountered in the game Toxic II, and they also make an appearance as enemies in the game Nitrome Must Die.


Basic robots have pill-shaped bodies with two feet near the bottom. Each robot has a yellow-and-black stripe around its middle.

Game information

Toxic II

Basic robots appear first in Toxic II, being the first enemies encountered by the player. In the game, they simply walk forward, lacking any attack. They will turn at ledges and walls, changing direction to avoid crashing or falling. Basic robots will harm the Hazmat Hero on contact. They are possibly the easiest enemies to kill.

Nitrome Must Die

Walking RobotNMD


Basic robots also appear in Nitrome Must Die, in which they act no differently than in the Toxic series. Their only change is in their visual form, as their sprites in Nitrome Must Die are lighter and more clean-cut in appearance. Basic robots do not appear often in the game, featuring in only a few levels.

When these robots do appear, they are usually dispensed from pipes in large numbers. They are one of the few enemies in Nitrome Must Die that do not spread their blood when killed, due to their being robots and not creatures. They will follow in the direction of the player, although fortunately they do not walk very fast.


  • The basic robot is one of two robots that appeared in both the first and the second robot factory, the other being the hovering robot..

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