This article is about bees from Office Trap. For bees from other games, please see Bees.

Bee traps are traps in the game Office Trap.


Bee trap button have the icon of a bee. The bees themselves have two dark-brown lines on their body and the rest is all yellow. Bees have also two little wings and seem to be smiling all the time.

Game information

Bee traps appear only twice throughout Office Trap, making them the least occurring traps in Office Trap, second least if the flail trap is counted. Bee traps are also the second least appearing trap in the entire Trap series, next to the spider trap.

Bee trap buttons are usually small and when activated spawn a bee which starts at the right hand side of the screen, constantly flying across the platform it is on. The only way to avoid bee traps is to jump, as they move close enough to the platform that they could hit the player if the player ducks. Bee traps move slightly faster than fireballs.

Because of the speed of the bees the employee can easily be killed if more than one bee is present on the platform, or if they are not careful. If an employee is hit by a bee, the employee's head will swell up until it bursts, an exaggeration of being stung. The bee traps are first introduced on level seven, where every other button on all platforms is a bee trap. The bee trap is the Office Trap version of the arrow trap.


  • Sometimes, a glitch occurs, causing the employee to survive being stung, yet another employee is spawned from the entrance. This can be repeated until all lives run out, with many employees on screen.
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