Big Ben
Big Ben
Type Bomb Cannon
Grid spaces 3
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 300 330
Damage 30 35
Reload Medium Slow Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

Big Ben is another bomb cannon in Steamlands.


The Big Ben's cannon is attached to the red circular light on the base of the gun, can rotate 180°, and has three red rings around it like the Dum Dum's cannon. The red circular light is located on the base of the gun, and has two wires attached from the light to the block the gun is attached to.

Game Information

The Big Ben fires a pod like projectile similar to the bomb fired by the Dum Dum. The projectile from Big Ben creates a bigger blast and is stronger than the Dum Dum bomb.

Big Ben is helpful for taking damaging Reflectium blocks due to the explosion made by the projectile that cannot be reflected. Big Ben has a starting health of 300 and can be upgraded to 330.


The Big Ben shares several similarities with the Dum Dum, and has a similar appearance to the Hail Stone. The Big Ben's similarities with the Dum Dum include Big Ben firing a similar projectile similar to the Dum Dum's, and being coloured similarly to the Dum Dum.

The Big Ben gun has a square base and a cannon with a top end larger in diameter than the cannon barrel.

Big Ben Shop Items

Below are the Shop Items for the Big Ben that can be purchased and take effect in Steamlands.

Big Ben Damage 1 Big Ben Health 1 Big Ben Reload 1
Image: BB1 BB2 BB3
Price: £7500 £7500 £7500
Tag: Damage Health Reload
Result: Increases damage Health increases to 350 Dum Dum fires faster
Description: Granny Beeswaxworth's broken biscuit refinery has become contaminated by proximity to the radioactive wasteland. Fortunately these formerly delicious snacks are highly explosive, not a total waste! They would make for a deadlier explosive core for Big Ben`s ammunition. The local restaurant has been using steel plates to serve on for the past ten years. Now there changing over to ceramics. They`re the perfect size for adding to Big Ben's existing armour. Buy now for armour dinner plating! The name sake of this gun has been keeping time since 1859,and just like it, it uses a pendulum to count. There's parts in town to make the pendulum shorter and Big Ben tick faster.
Level: Rearrangements Big Ben ?


  • Big Ben's name comes from London's famous clock tower, nicknamed Big Ben.
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