This article is about big green creatures from Fat Cat and Nitrome Must Die. For small green creatures from Fat Cat, please see small green creatures.

Big green creatures are enemies in the game Fat Cat, as well as enemies in the game Nitrome Must Die. They appear smaller in Nitrome Must Die, but regardless of both games spawn small green creatures, which are also smaller in Nitrome Must Die.


Big green creatures are large, green, and circular. They have a large, yellowish-green eyeball in the center of their body, and many small, stub-like tentacles extending from all around the creature's body.

Game information

Fat Cat

Large green creatures are bigger versions of its forerunner, the small green creatures. These enemies generally remain in one place and attack by firing bullets, bees and even small green creatures, depending on the level being played.

Oddly, the amount of health the big green creatures have varies from level to level. Although all these enemies' health is represented by a health bar, some of them on different levels will take more hits by the owl to destroy than others on another level. Usually, they seem to take more hits to destroy when there is another choice of weapon the Owl can use, such as movable blocks or the M Button.

Nitrome Must Die



Big green creatures also appear in a few levels of Nitrome Must Die. They appear like their Fat Cat version, only being smaller, and this time only spawning small green creatures, and occasionally red eyeballs.

Big green creatures are not stationary as in Fat Cat, but make small movements. They appear floating in the air, and have a large amount of health. They have no way of attacking besides spawning other enemies, and they are completely defenseless to attacks. They are also one of the few enemies that can increase the enemy population in the level. Big green creatures will continue to infinitely spawn enemies until they are destroyed.

Other appearances

  • Factory skin- A large green creature appears being built out of metal.

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