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Frostyflytrap Frostyflytrap 10 March 2020

Quest to organize games

I have started a quest to use the sortable tables... contain information on the games a staff member worked on so I can sort it alphabetically or by release date by clicking on the arrows.

I have completed 7 out of 9 Artists so far, leaving Mat Annal and Markus Heinel last since they worked on the most games. (They're the final boss of my hard long work)

Working on this made me realize how many games were released on the same day/week and remember that Nitrome released games so frequently 10+ years ago, I wonder how they worked so quickly.

When this is done, I will start working on a Games list article that organizes the games with the same table that can be sorted in various ways.

This blog I will update this blog as progress is made.

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Bajan175lcr Bajan175lcr 21 February 2020

Brief Arrival

Hello there is Bajan aka N_Phlash in as the main editor of the page Nitrome during Feb 2017 to Feb 2020.

Since there are some mistakes in Nitrome Wiki, I am going to abandon the dxmning Baidupedia as I have corrected the mistakes in Baidupedia which were carried from here. Also, I will take part in developing Nitrome中文 维基 .

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Tmagoolie Tmagoolie 11 February 2019

Game question

Does anyone remember this game where you play as the sole survivor of some alien battling robots and the aliens look like robotic jellyfish and the robot is white and can shape shift

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TheShinyLucarioMaster TheShinyLucarioMaster 24 October 2017

Pixel Pop Glitch

There's a glitch in Pixel Pop that's real. Sometimes when you start a level, the game will automatically start. This happened to me several times.

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Jeffreyover9000 Jeffreyover9000 28 September 2017

I have something to say

So... uh....Hey guys, it's me. Jeffrey & I have something to tell you guys.

You see I'm thinking of creating my own Nitrome game of sorts

Maybe some sort of new Test Subject game

And it's called.......


I'm currently creating some proto-suits for Blue. So, if you have any suggestions, let me know

And... as always, thanks for reading


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TheShinyLucarioMaster TheShinyLucarioMaster 23 September 2017

What's your favourite Nitrome Game?

Mine's Hot Air because it was Nitrome's first ever game. Let me know in the comments to this blog which one is your's!

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TheShinyLucarioMaster TheShinyLucarioMaster 9 September 2017

😱 I'm scared of Skywire 2's final boss!

I'm scared of the final boss! Please help my fear go away! It's eyes are what makes me scared of it!

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Random-storykeeper Random-storykeeper 26 December 2016

Merry Christmas 2016

To all Nitrome Wikians, both new and old:

I hope you have, had and continue to have a wonderful day. Merry Christmas! There is snow here this year! And it's gonna be a lonely Christmas.

Penguins forever! :P


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NightFury299 NightFury299 6 December 2016

Hello, Nitrome Wiki!

Hey, uh. I'll be joining this wiki soon, as the PvZ Wiki has gone a bit... Dramaish?

Well, I am a great fan of Nitrome, so I thought, Why not move here?

I hope it's nice here.

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Emitewiki2 Emitewiki2 7 November 2016


Huh. Where to start?

Well, back in the days of yore, when I was REALLY into editing, I always knew it would have to probably end some day, and I always had planned to make this post on that day. As in, a goodbye post. When I left. Back then I thought I would know exactly when I was finished with the wiki, and I planned to make a big, long, heart-felt post about all my experiences with the wiki and how many good times I had and whatnot. I didn't expect to slowly get so busy that I phased out of the wiki and barely had time to check it, much less edit it (I guess that was pretty naïve of me not to predict that).

Being away from the wiki for a number of months, I doubt this goodbye will be as heart-felt as I had intended when I was on fire for …

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