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This article is about the enemies from Bad Ice-Cream 3. For the enemies from other games, please see Boots.

Boots are enemies in Bad Ice-Cream 3.


Boots are reddish-brown enemies that resemble cowboy boots, given the yellow stars on their sides. They have purple colors between their eyes and in the middle of them. They have two black eyes on the front of their body and a thick eyebrow over them. They are as big as the player.

Game information

Boots first appear on level 10 of Bad Ice-Cream 3. Boots are harmful on contact, and will follow the player by hopping slowly along the ground. Every once in a while, they will jump a long distance, spinning while in the air, and land. If they land on an ice block, they will smash it. Boots will generally land near each other and will usually be seen traveling in pairs as both will chase after the player.