Bow and arrow
Bow'n'Arrow (DE)
Ability Fires an arrow
Damage High
Belongs to Can pick it up:
All (except gladiators, priests of Hecate, red and green lizard men)
Game Double Edged

The bow and arrow is a weapon in the game Double Edged.


The bow and arrow consists of a brown wooden bow with a white bow string, as well as some arrows with wooden shafts, stone arrow heads, and white feathers; the arrows are stored in a brown quiver.

Game information

The bow and arrow is very useful weapon, helpful in every situation in the game. It is the third strongest weapon, behind the hammer and lion hammer. The bow and arrow comes equipped with an infinite amount of arrows. Any person that can equip this weapon adds a quiver to their back.


The bow and arrow fires arrows completely straight, arrows that stop when they hit an enemy or stop when they hit the edge of the screen. These arrows deal unusually high amounts of damage, higher than most weapons. An arrow will travel completely straight until it hits something, this weapon being classified as a long range weapon.


If an arrow hits an enemy, it will cause them to flinch and be unable to attack for a split second. The foe will also be pushed back a bit. The arrow has the fastest rate of fire of any weapon in Double Edged, fast enough to cause a foe to be unable to move and attack (essentially trapping them) if arrows are shot in succession at them without stopping.

With this combo, the Spartan can easily decimate a singe foe from far away, to be safe from any other approaching enemies for a short amount of time.


The arrow does have its weaknesses, it cannot knock and enemy unconscious, and to trap a foe the Spartan has to always be firing at one for a long time to keep it trapped. The bow and arrow's flinching, pushing back, and trapping abilities are completely negated by bosses, possibly due to these mega-enemies having considerably more health. Enemies can only be damaged by arrows if they are on the screen, as arrows will bounce of the edge of the screen.

Although it is not as strong as the two strongest weapons, its long range capabilities flinching attacks, and speed to hit an enemy before they can attack, proves the bow and arrow to be an incredibly dangerous weapon no matter how far an enemy is.

Boss usage

The bow and arrow's usefulness in battle is recognized by Medusa, as she uses it when the Spartan battles her. The bow is slightly larger, but other than that it acts the same as a usual bow and arrow. This weapon is constantly held by Medusa, and nothing can cause her to drop it, not even knocking her unconscious. Her strong grip on the bow is to add difficulty to the battle.

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