Box 2D is a Flash game engine. It is a free open source engine used to make movement of things in games more realistic. It is used in a number of Nitrome games.


Box 2D, called "Box 2D Lite" at the time, was part of a physics presentation given by Erin Catto at Game Developers Conference 2006. It was released on SourceForge as open source on September 11th 2007. Box 2D 2.0 was released on March 6 2008, introducing Continuous Collision Detection. Nitrome first used Box 2D in the 2008 game Mallet Mania.


Box 2D, since it is free open source, it can be used for free in games.


Box 2D when used gives a smooth affect of movement, making it very realistic. Some game engines cannot handle motions Box 2D can do. Examples of motions done by Box 2D is the falling of character and objects the Ice Breaker series, the debris in Rubble Trouble, and the pieces of metal in Flipside. Other examples of Box 2D are shown on the Box 2D website (see link below).


The below list shows all the Nitrome games that use Box 2D and what things in the game use Box2D.

Trivia and notes

  • Because of the nature of Mallet Mania's gameplay, graphics and plot, the game may have been meant as a test or demonstration of Box 2D by Nitrome.
  • Box 2D was originally written in C++ for use in C++ based game engines, with standalone features in C++, but over time gained direct bindings into other languages and applications, one of which was Flash.
  • The Flash/Actionscript version of Box 2D is the only available version which can be used in a computer browser. iPhone and Android Box 2D only work on the phone's respective browsers, Torque 2D's version isn't released, and all of the others only work in compiled programs.

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