Branches are interactive objects in Canopy. There are ten types of branches encountered in the game.

Game information

Branches grow from trees from the canopy, and is the only way the player can make its way through the canopy. Some branches can be shaken around to make them extend farther to allow the player to reach other previously unreachable areas. Fruit grows on all branches, even those that don't seem to be able to grow fruit. All branches come from trees which are grown from a lower part of the canopy, which is not seen.

Canopy is able to grab ahold of each type of branch, except red vines. Some branches may have effects on canopy while others will not. Almost all enemies are attached in some sort to branches. Beetles will crawl up branches and jump off the top, spiders have their webbing attached to them, squishy bugs and carnivorous moths move on them.

All nodes are placed on branches, and will activate upon being grabbed. Most edges of branches are all connected, but sometimes branches are encountered in ends not connected. It is possible for Canopy to slip off these ends and fall.

Throughout Canopy, several structures can be seen made out of branches. Branches do not have a set length, they can be as long as possible. Although almost all branches are attached to a tree coming from the bottom of the level, some branches are not attached to a stem from the ground. In all levels there will be far off branches that cannot be reached, and are merely for decoration and background.


There are ten types of branches in the game. Each branch has a certain colour, some also have certain objects attached to them, some may also have different effects on the player.



A tree with a small bush


A tree branch

Trees are the first introduced branch in Canopy.


Trees can be shook and are the most common branch in Canopy.

Game information

Trees have brown branches with spread out white stripes. Two types of plants grown on the ends of the branches: orange bushes with light brown diamond shapes, and brownish reddish bushes with orange and very light red leaves.

The bushes vary in sizes, orange bushes can be small and have only one brown diamond, while the biggest ones have three diamonds. Red brown bushes have several sizes which have a different number of orange leaves.


Home Branch

Home branch

The home branch is where every level of Canopy starts.


This branch is usually at the start of the first tree the player is on, and it always has a home tag hanging from it. The tag has a turquoise picture of a house on it, with the word "Home!" under it.

Game information

The home does not do anything except mark the beginning of the level, and it cannot be used to end the level or cause any effect on the level.


Goal is the second of ten branches in Canopy. Goal branches are never attached to trees, and are always horizontal,
Goal Branch

The goal branch

and consist of one piece.


Goal branches are checkered green and white, and have a green circle on each end. Goal branches do not appear ever attached to any other branches, they only appear suspended in the air.

Game information

Goal branches are Canopy's main objective in levels. They transport him to the next level once he has got a hold of one. When Canopy grabs a goal branch, after a few second flags will flip up and Canopy will become happy. Goal branches usually have a "goal", or sometimes (although this is rare) a "home" tag on them.


Spider Stretchy Lines


String is the third of ten branches in Canopy.


String is tan coloured and appears commonly throughout Canopy, encountered most of the time between other branches.

Game information

String is very light, and due to this Canopy will bring the string far down due to his weight. The lightness of the string can also be used as an advantage, as the player can shake farther with it.

If the string is attached to another branch, it will be pulled down when Canopy holds on too it. String is not really a branch, as nowhere in Canopy does the player encounter a tree made completely of string. String is sometimes encountered attached to other string, most of the times in the shape of ladders or spider webs.

When attached together, string is not pulled so far down by Canopy's weight, but is acts like usual branches. It is quite possible, even probable, that string is the webbing of spiders, as spiders are held up by string. Unlike Branches, fruit does not grown on string, enemies, however, still move on it. String has several ball-like objects on the string. The balls appear usually small.

These balls can be used as areas for Canopy to place his hands, although with or without the balls the string acts the same in the spot. String is usually attached to signs, and at the hole point of the sign there is a knot. Beetles are never seen moving on string, neither are squishy bugs. On level fourteen, moving up string will pull the blue branches up.


Metal is the fourth of ten branches in Canopy.


Metal appears striped black and yellow, and in areas when metal
Metal Branch

A metal piece

points another direction, a screw is seen in it. The screws are its points.

Game information

It is not known if metal is a tree or made by the 'pink hairless creatures' (these persons mentioned in the level metal debuts), although it is possible the second example is correct. Metal is the first branch encountered that cannot be shook, as it is very sturdy.

Fruit still grows on metal, and spike heads are commonly encountered on metal, as they are made by the 'pink hairless creatures'. Metal can be traversed normally by Canopy, as it acts like usual branches only not being able to be shook. As said by the ? node on one level, metal is in the place of cut down trees.



This article is about flowers from Canopy. For flowers from other games, please see Flowers.

Flowers are the fifth of ten types of branches in Canopy.


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Game information

Flowers appear to have grown up from the bottom of the canopy, and located at the top of the flower is the flower part. The branch of the flower is green coloured, and unlike other branches has no other branches coming from it. The branch extends from the bottom of the flower, where two big leaves on each side can be found. The branch is not as strong the higher up it gets, as it will collapse and bring the flower down a bit.

Flowers have to different types of actual flower, one with six petals surrounding it, and a tulip like flower. The six petal flower appears like common flowers, and the center of the flower can be grabbed and held by Canopy. This flower comes in purple and yellow, and when gripped by Canopy allows it to move farther when shaking it. The tulip like flowers cannot be gripped at all, and also appear in purple and yellow. The branches of flowers appear to move on their own, usually vertically or horizontally, and sometimes in circles.

Flowers appear only on level four, and due to the constant movement of them it is sometimes hard to get from one flower to another, as it is this usually involves the player having to shake a lot. Despite the flowers looking like they move around on their own, they are actually attached to off-screen gears that can be seen while playing on computers with certain screen sizes.  

Red vines

Spike Vines

A log with red vines

Red vines are the sixth type of branch introduced in Canopy and also the second hazard introduced.


Thin red vines
Thin red vines appear red and pink, with intervals of each colour. Many spikes are placed on both sides of the vines, some big and others small. Red vines are sometimes very long, and are sometimes encountered in the shape of fire.
Red vine logs
Red vine logs appear as a log with pink and red intervals on it. Red vine logs have no spikes on them, rather, medium and big spike heads appear on the log, and thin red vines are seen coiled around the log and the spike heads.

Game information

Two types of red vines exist, thin red vines and red vine logs. The second type of red vines are red vine logs. Red vine logs appear usually as a wall and a ceiling, and on level eleven they appear with a spike head on each end, and a purple gear in the middle.

Red vines and red vine logs will harm the player upon contact, and not even red vines can be grabbed, and even if they could the size of the red vine log would not allow Canopy to grab it.


Vines are the seventh branch introduced in Canopy.


Vines are green coloured, and have balls of green liquid in different sizes floating down and around the vine.

Green Vines

A vine

Game information

The vines are different than normal branches, as vines are very sturdy and when shook move a little, but not a lot. What makes vines different from other branches is that the green balls of vines are very slippery, and it is these balls which have coated the vine with the slippery substance and has made the vines slippery. When Canopy grabs a vine, he will slip right down them unless it tries to constantly grab the vine, thus bringing itself up the vine.

Fruit is not encountered commonly on vines, as when the player is trying to climb a vine they may grab a fruit when they don't want to, and fall back down the vine. Vines are commonly encountered with both ends leading down to the bottom of the canopy, or facing up. Vines like flowers do not have any other vines/flowers branching out from one vine. Often in Canopy, they player may have to slide down vines.

When doing this, rocket nodes are commonly passed which will boost Canopy. Although vines are slippery, the only enemies encountered walking on them are carnivorous moths, on level twenty. A variation of vines are encountered in Canopy, these vines called blue vines, and although the red vines have vines in their name, they have no connection with the vines and can harm the player.



This article is about mushrooms from Canopy. For mushrooms from other games, please see Mushrooms.

Mushrooms are the eighth of the ten branches in Canopy.


Canopy Mushroom Variation

A smaller mushroom variation

Mushrooms have a pinkish white stem that extends from the ground up to the top of the cap of the mushroom. All the caps of the mushrooms are pink with white spots.
Canopy Mushroom

A big mushroom

Game information

Mushroom branches are very weak, and collapse when held. They have several points where they bend, climbing farther will cause the mushroom to further collapse and reveal these points. Mushrooms have two types of caps, one open one and a closed one. The open ones appear as half a diamond, while the closed ones appear diamond shaped. Both cannot be grabbed, and they do not affect the player or gameplay at all.

Mushrooms can be considered helpful, as climbing up them will cause them to collapse in one direction sometimes creating a bridge to another branch. Very rarely will mushroom have another branch branching out from one of there stem, and if they do the mushroom would have a closed cap. Mushrooms appear only in one level, level seven.

Blue vines

Water Branch

A blue vine

Blue vines are the ninth branch introduced in Canopy.


Blue vines appear as blue coloured vines with several blue clay like balls of different sizes hardened on the vine.

Game information

Blue vines act exactly like usual green vines - they cause Canopy's hand to slip - except the balls are hardened and do not move. Also, blue vines are most of the time never seen to have a base attached past the bottom plants of the canopy.

They also are encountered in the shape of lines, squares, and other shapes, some of them having non-connected ends the main character could slip off. Blue vines appear because usual vines cannot make straight lines, only curves. Blue vines appear uncommonly throughout Canopy.

Black trees

Black trees are the tenth and last branch in Canopy.


Black trees appear as usual trees, only black. They are the usual trees, only black instead of brown, and grey stripes instead of tan ones.

Game information

Black trees appear very rarely, and act exactly like trees, only they have a different colouring. Black trees will usually appear on the ends of usual trees. They appear on levels where the red vines are in the shape of fire.


  • The colour of the bushes on the tree branches (the first branch) are quite similar to a planet design from the Chisel series. The design is of a background with a coloured shape.
  • The goal branch will not end the level immediately in most levels, and the player has to wait a few seconds. Because of this, it is possible for the player to grab another branch and come off the goal branch. In later levels, the level ends immediately once touching the goal branch.

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