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Buckets are enemies in the game Bad Ice-Cream 2 and Bad Ice-Cream 3.


The appearance of a bucket is that of a gray or silver coloured bucket, with a brown handle, an uni-brow, two eyes and a horn-like snout used to spit snowballs. Buckets are also filled with ice cubes.

Game information

Bad Ice-Cream 2

A bucket will travel around at a medium speed, trying to line up with the ice cream characters. Once it lines up with one, it will stop and spit a snowball directly in front of it. The snowball will travel in a straight line and splat once it touches a wall.

Bad Ice-Cream 3

Buckets act the same as in Bad Ice-Cream 2, only that in Bad Ice Cream 3, Buckets cannot pass through invisible blocks, but they can shoot snowballs through them.