This article is about bugs from Pest Control. For bugs from other games, please see Bugs.

Below is a list of bugs from Pest Control.



Cockroaches are bugs in Pest Control. Cockroaches have six legs, two antennas, a brown body, and two eyes. They will move around the area, and when swat, they will explode, and only a splat of green blood and their eyes will remain. They appear on Pest Control Levels 1.1 and 4.6.


Mosquitoes are bugs in Pest Control. Mosquitoes move around very fast and are hard to kill. They are a shade of brown, have wings, two eyes, three (or six) legs, and a mouth that is positioned down. When killed, they fall off the screen instead of bursting into a splotch of green blood.



This section is about bees from Pest Control. For bees from other games, please see Bees.

Bees are a pest in Pest Control. Bees have a black head, two eyes, two small antennas, a mouth with two teeth, a yellow and black striped body, two wings, four legs (two on each side), and a stinger. These bugs will float up to the top of the screen, then fall back down red. A bee that is going attack turns red and falls to the ground, in hope of hitting the player. They appear on stage 1.3.


Fleas are bugs encountered early on in Pest Control. Fleas appear as a jumping white "+" sign. In game, fleas will jump up and down, and when swatted, a splotch of green blood would remain. They appear on only level 1.4.



This section is about beetles from Pest Control. For beetles from other games, please see Beetles.

The beetle is a bug in Pest Control. The beetle drops from the top of the screen, and has to be kept up in the air or killed until the time limit ends. The player will fail the level if the beetle is dropped on the ground. Cracks can be seen on the beetle when it is swatted. It is hard to kill the beetle, since the player will have to carefully swat the beetle many times without dropping it.


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This section is about maggots from Pest Control. For maggots from other games, please see Maggots.

Maggots one of of the many bugs in Pest Control. Maggots appear similar to caterpillars, maggots being pink coloured, having three pink segments and a face with pink cheeks. They have two white eyes with black pupils and a small opened mouth, their mouth and their open eyes looking like they are surprised at seeing the player.

Maggots drop from the ceiling to the ground, and attempt to escape the level. Seventy-five have to be swatted in order to complete the level.



This section is about snails from Pest Control. For snails from other games, please see Snails.

Snails are one of the many bugs in Pest Control. They appear as blue slugs underneath a shell. Snails fall from the top of the screen to the bottom of the screen. The player is instructed to break the shells of the snails when they fall from the top of the screen, or they will lose if the snail passes the bottom edge of the screen with an intact shell.



This section is about butterflies from Pest Control. For butterflies from other games, please see Butterflies.

Butterflies are pests in Pest Control. Butterflies have a large dark head and a dark body with six dark legs. They have two opened eyes, these eyes having pupils. They also have a pair of pink wings with yellow and orange spots on them.

Butterflies appear on the level with moths, plus, the player will lose if a butterfly is swatted. Butterflies have a different wing colour than moths, this being the butterflies' only distinction from moths.


Moths appear are bugs that appear in the same level as butterflies in Pest Control. They have the same appearance as butterflies, but the difference between them being the moths' wings. Moths have grey wings with grey spots on them. The moths' eyes are half-open.

In the level they appear in, moths are to be swatted and not the butterflies, since the butterflies will cause the player to lose.

Praying mantises

Praying mantises are bugs in Pest Control. Praying mantises have a large dark green head and big white eyes that have two black pupils. Praying mantises have a pair of dark green antennas, a pair of dark green arms and four dark green legs. They have a big dark green body too. When they are tired, their green colour changes and their eyes are half-opened.

In the level they appear in, the player has to kill the mantises, this done by to swatting the mantis when they are tired. The player cannot hit the mantis when it is active, otherwise, the player will lose a heart. Praying mantises appear on level 2.2.



This section is about spiders from Pest Control. For spiders from other games, please see Spiders.

Spiders are bugs in Pest Control. Spiders have a small head with white eyes and two black pupils. Above their head is an orange line, and above it, a large dark body. They have eight dark legs, these legs having orange stripes. If spiders are on a cord, the cord is black.

Spiders swing around the screen, but the difficulty of stage comes from the speed of the spiders: each spider has different swinging speed, which makes them some of the spiders hard to kill. Spiders also appear in level 2.5, where the player has to swat egg sacs to release the spiders. Spiders appear on level 2.3 and 2.5.

Leaf cutter ants

Leaf cutter ants are bugs in Pest Control.

Leaf cutter ants appear similar to big red ants. Leaf cutter ants have three visible red legs, a body, and a head. A leaf cutter ant's body consists of two parts, both which are red, this body consisting of a small red part followed by a big red part, this big red part having the ant's head. Leaf cutter ants have a regular sized head, with one visible white eye and a small black pupil, and two small red antennas on its head.

For leaf cutter ants, the player has to swat them when they are defenseless, while avoiding the leafs and flowers that are thrown at the player. Leaf cutter ants are very hard to avoid in groups, but once the player lessens their number, the rest of the group become more and more easy to kill. Leaf cutter ants appear in the jungle levels of Pest Control.


Grasshoppers are bugs in Pest Control. Grasshoppers have a long big green body with two green arms and one visible long green leg. At the end of the grasshopper's body is its head, which appears big and green with one visible white eye half-opened, a black pupil, and a pair of green antennas on their head.

In game, every grasshopper jumps at a different time, a different place, and at a different height. They stand at the start of the level at the bottom of the level, but at that point are currently not visible. Then, they jump from the bottom of the level to the middle or to the top, and then they fall down quickly. They appear on level 3.1.


Wasps are bugs in Pest Control that appear on levels 3.2 and 4.8. They have a big dark head with half-opened white eyes that have black pupils. Wasps have a pair of dark antennas and a black abdomen with yellow stripes, a pair of long white wings, six legs and a black stinger on the bottom of their body.

To survive, the player must avoid the stingers of the wasps on both levels. Wasps takes three swats to kill, and after every swat their speed increases. When they die, they will fall off the screen.

Cactus grubs

Cactus grubs are bugs that appear only in a desert level of Pest Control. Cactus grubs are yellow grubs with that have two visible dark yellow lines and a black head with two white small eyes that have two black pupils; the other part of cactus grub's body is not visible. Like flies, the are small and come in great numbers and have to be swatted fast before time runs out.



This section is about locusts from Pest Control. For locusts from Off the Rails, please see Locusts.

Locusts are bugs that appear only in the desert levels of Pest Control. Locusts resemble grasshoppers, but unlike grasshoppers, locusts they are brown, have a lot of dark brown lines in their body, and have opened eyes and a pair of long light brown wings.

Locusts fly very fast, making it hard to hit them, though it can be done quickly if the player places the cursor in the middle of the stage and swats at the right time, thus making it easy to complete the level.


Ants are bugs in Pest Control. They look like normal red ants, ants consisting of three parts. The first part is normal, with a pair of white eyes and two black pupils. The second part is smaller than the first part, and there are four red legs. The third part is the biggest.

The player has thirty seconds to swat 150 ants. The massive number often leaves the player with a lot ants remaining once thirty seconds elapses.

Dung beetles

Dung beetles are bugs in Pest Control, found on level 3.7. Dung beetles look like giant dark brown beetles with two white eyes and black pupils. They have 4 legs and two hands that look like spikes, and two more spikes above their head.

Dung beetles bounce through the level, starting on the left hand corner. Dung beetles are pretty bulky and their dung balls will follow them as the bugs spring through the level.

Stag beetle

Stag Beetle

A stag beetle

The stag beetle is one of the most difficult and hard to beat pest in Pest Control. The stag beetle is a giant beetle that stands in the middle right if the stage. It has no way to defend itself. This is probably because the player has to kill it in 15 seconds, which can be difficult since it is very hard for the player to swat that fast.

When the player damages the stag beetle, cracks can be seen on it, and when the giant beetle is dead, it falls off the screen.


A very easy way to defeat the stag beetle is for the player to hold their mouse in the right hand, then when they come to the level, rapidly tap the left mouse button of the mouse with the index finger of their left hand. This will usually kill the stag beetle in ten seconds.


Fireflies are bugs in Pest Control. Fireflies appear like normal flies, but have the ability to light up. When lit, fireflies will hurt the player on contact. The level fireflies appear in is difficult to complete, since the flies have to be swatted while unlit and the player has to kill them all in a certain time limit.


Slugs are bugs in Pest Control that appear on level 4.4. They look like big and thick dark green slugs with two small white eyes and two black pupils. When the level starts, the slug is placed off the screen. In a matter of seconds, the slug will fall down the screen, and will have to be swatted. If the player misses and the slug falls off the screen, the player will fail the level.

Glowing mites

Glowing mites are a type of bug that appears on level 4.7 of Pest Control. They look like small rectangular dark blue insects with two small white eyes, a light blue part in the middle, and two legs at each side of the insect.

Glowing mites have two stages, invisible and glowing. Glowing mites can only be swatted while they are glowing. To complete the level, the player will have to swat at least four mites per second.

Baby silverfish

Baby silverfish are bugs in Pest Control that appear alongside the silverfish boss. Baby silverfish have two appearances, glowing and non-glowing, although the non-glowing and the glowing silverfish have the same form. Baby silverfish have a small head that looks like a circle where there are two big eyes with two pupils, this head having two long antennas.

The second part of the silverfish is bigger than the head, this being where there are two arms. The third part of the silverfish is similar to the second, after this third part coming two more smaller parts. The three last parts have a thin leg on each side, and the last part has at the end three long tails. The only difference between glowing baby silverfish and non-glowing baby silverfish is that the colour is darker or lighter.

If the player touches a glowing baby silverfish, they will lose a life. Touching a non-glowing baby silverfish will not harm the player, this type of silverfish able to be swatted and killed.

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