There are two types of buttons in the game Ribbit.

Red buttons

Red buttons first appear in level 3. Red buttons will be open when Ribbit touches them. Then can be only activated once. After activating one red button, one certain movable block will move to another place. This allows Ribbit to pass the place where the movable block used to be. The player must open all red buttons to go further in the level.

White buttons

White buttons first appear in level 6. White buttons will also be open when Ribbit touches them. This will cause some white blocks to appear, while others disappear. However, if Ribbit touches a white button for a second time, the white button will be closed and the white blocks which have appeared will disappear. The white blocks which have disappeared will appear again, but white buttons will always look like the same except when Ribbit touches them. Usually, there are more than one white buttons in one level, they can appear in many places of the level.



  • According to Ribbit's thoughts in the beginning of level 6, white buttons can teleport white blocks to another dimension. It is hinted that Dr. Siamese may be using them to run away from Ribbit. At the same time, ending hoops may also teleport things to another dimension.
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