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Cameos are pictures or references to Nitrome games, that appear in other games. A cameo can be a direct reference, like a character appearance, enemy from another game, or an image, or an indirect reference, like a quote mentioning the game or elements of it. Cameos appear in many Nitrome games. Below is a list of games with the cameo appearances they make in other games.

Bad Ice-Cream series

  • At the bottom of the right shelf in the background of Super Stock Take is a box with an ice cream character on it in Super Stock Take.
  • The ketchup named Bad Ketchup appeared in the end of Silly Sausage.



Cheese Dreams

  • The moon appears as the planet for level 5 of Chisel 2.
  • The moon appears as a ball that can be shot from the cannon in Cosmic Cannon. The cannon itself is also a cameo from Cheese Dreams.
  • The moon appears in the sky throughout Small Fry.


Chick Flick

  • On Stage 6 Two of a Kind in Sandman, the squirrels and a chick appear on a tree.
  • The red and grey squirrels appear as robotic enemies in Skywire on level 13, and they are seen bouncing a robotic chick.
  • In Gift Wrapped, the chicks appear as patterns on some gift wrap.


Cold Storage


Colour Blind

  • Spoiler
    On level 21, at the very end, the player can see a tiny Spartan helmet on the camera lens.

Dirk Valentine




Double Edged

Spartan helmets

The helmets

Feed Me!


Final Ninja series

  • In level 22 of Rubble Trouble Tokyo, a screen can be seen with Takeshi running and the words "Final Ninja". Below it shows another screen advertising sushi.
  • In Nitrome Must Die, there is a weapon called ninja star, which shoots ninja stars at enemies.




Hot Air series

  • A small image of Hot Air can be seen on a t-shirt in the shop advertisement.
  • A realistically rendered Hot Air balloon appears in the background of Sandman in certain levels tied to the ground, starting at Stage 04: Pit Stop.
  • The hot air balloon's head appears as an item in Chick Flick that sometimes falls from the sky and is worth 500 points when trampolined into the nest.
  • On the track desert heat in Tanked Up, the face of the Hot Air balloon appears on the wings and hull of crashed planes.
  • In Off the Rails, the hot air balloon's face appears sometimes on a water tower.
  • The junkyard of Pest Control features a pop can with the hot air balloon on it.
  • Octoboss appears on multiple neon signs in the game Final Ninja.
  • In a few levels of Onekey, the face of the hot air balloon is seen carved onto some blocks.
  • Big Daddy bombs in Nebula are a reference to the Hot Air 2 boss Big Daddy.
  • Hot Air's head appears as a cannonball in Cosmic Cannon.
  • Octoboss appears on walls in some Ninja themed levels in Mega Mash.


Ice Breaker

Jack Frost


Knight Trap

  • On one of the screens in levels 41-50 in Nitrome Must Die, the player can see a knight running.



  • In the middle of level 6 of Bad Ice Cream 2, there is a face made of stone that has some similarities with an altar from Lockehorn.

Magic Touch

  • The wizard appears on the front of the Magic for Dummies book in Castle Corp, just with a yellow wand.


  • Magneboy appears as a snowman in some levels of Frost Bite 2.
  • Magneboy appears in the ground sometimes in Rustyard.
  • Magneboy appears holding various videogame consoles in Super Treadmill.
  • Magneboy's head appears dressed as a pirate on a planet in level 3 of Chisel 2.
  • Magneboy's head appears as a statue in Rust Bucket.


Off the Rails

Pixel Pop

  • The hero from level 1 and the dinosaur from level 2 are seen in level 2 of Rubble Trouble Tokyo as well as a pixelated gorilla pounding its chest.


  • Rockitty's spaceship can be seen on level 27 of Chisel.

Roly Poly

  • Robot Poly appears as a enemy on Level 14 of Skywire.



  • In level 2 of Chick Flick, three Sleepwalkers appear in the background in the desert.
  • On level 14 of Feed Me, the trees from Sandman appear green.
  • The sleepwalkers appear on wrapping paper in Gift Wrapped in Christmas themed outfits.
  • On any levels of Ditto, the sand from Sandman appear as a level.



  • A Skywire Cable Car is an object in day 11 of Super Treadmill. The word SKYWIRE can be seen on a double decker Bus also on Day 11.
  • When the player loses all four lives in Frost Bite 2, a newspaper picture will appear, and there is a article on Skywire with the headline "SKYWIRE: KIDS RIDE FREE see page 7".


Small Fry

Snow Drift



  • On one of the screens in levels 41-50 in Nitrome Must Die, one can see a repairman running.

Space Hopper

  • Level 3 in Go Go Ufo is named Space Hopper.

Square Meal





  • Black Ball appears on a t-shirt on the shop advertisement.
  • Black Ball's face is etched in some blocks of Onekey.
  • In Cosmic Cannon, Black Ball is one of the cannonballs.


Twin Shot

  • There is a statue of an angel in Double Edged
  • An angel appears as the mystery character in B.C. Bow Contest.
  • On the level The Mirror of Venus in Steamlands, the player can buy a red, black, and orange Twin Shot flag.
  • There is a gun in Nitrome Must Die called Twin Shot. It shoots an arrow which goes in a straight path.


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