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This article is about fire from Bad Ice-Cream. For fire from other games, please see Fire.

Campfires[1] are hazards in the Bad Ice-Cream series.


Campfires appear as stone rings, with alternating small stones and large stones. There is a blazing fire in the center, with its center white, and a few sparks trailing off around the end.

Game information

Enemies are unharmed by the fires, but the ice cream characters will die upon touching one. Campfires can be temporarily put out by blasting out ice and then smashing it. It will, however, start up again after a few seconds. If there are several campfires in a line, there is always a space the player can stand between them, and not get hurt.


  • When playing in two player mode, a campfire can be permanently put out when one player is killed by the fire and the other one is still alive.


  1. Bad Ice Cream 2 level 9 message: CAMPFIRES: You can out out these deadly campfires by placing ice over them - but watch out because they won't stay out for long!