Canary 214-LE is the main character in the game Canary. He is part of the mining company The Canaries and works on the Canary Mining Colony CM08.


Canary 214-LE is armed with the standard canary mining equipment and a mining suit. He wears a mining hat, a skin-tight blue mining suit, gloves, boots and a jetpack. With the jetpack, Canary 214-LE can easily transport himself around the mine. Being equipped with his laser gun, he can cut through rocks and destroy enemies.

Game information


Canary 214-LE entered the mine as a rookie, employed by his boss. There, he encountered aliens that had breached the mine. A miner canary took some samples of the creatures and saw that they could make money of them. The aliens - still in the mine - had destroyed too many caves, so communication to the main character was cut off for some time. Eventually, the aliens were merging themselves with the mine's equipment, using it to their own advantage.

Once the miner canary established contact with 214-LE, the aliens began to attack the mine. Canary 214-LE was in some areas of the mine of which the aliens had invaded. Using the environment around him, Canary 214-LE dashed through the different areas of the mine.

Meanwhile, the aliens had succeeded in their attack, and brainwashed the miner canary. The miner canary, now brainwashed, then plants a bomb in the mine. Canary 214-LE manages to escape the mine, however, along with an alien spinner before the bomb explodes.

While in space, the alien spinner suddenly begins to multiply.

In game

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Other appearances

  • Ice Temple skin - A canary miner appears shooting a block of ice with a Viking frozen inside
  • Rubble Trouble Tokyo - Canary 214-LE appears as a toy in the n-toy vending machine. However, this can only be seen if the machine is zoomed up really close, as the toys formations are barely noticeable from a distance
  • Nitrome 2.0 skin - Canary 214-LE appears shooting an octopi
  • Nitrome Must Die - Austin's computer has "Almost VGN, 214-LE" on it.


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