Canary Mining Colony CM08, or simply Canary Mining Colony, is a mining colony and where the Canary storyline is set. The Canary Mining Colony was built on Asteroid 512, where the group called, The Canaries mine for crystals. The Mining Colony is set out in the Seroza System of space, among a few other asteroids. There are presumably other mining colonies.

Game information


The Canary Mining Colony is set out in space. At some time, aliens secretly infiltrated the Mining Colony, but were discovered by a rookie miner not to soon after their infiltration. Samples of the lifeforms were taken to the lab, and a miner canary thought of how the lifeforms could make The Canaries rich.

Alien reinforcements attacked the mining facility, coming in great numbers. The aliens then took control of the miners equipment, corrupting it and using it for their own doing. The aliens had spread many pink tentacles around, which were the source of the corruption. Eventually, the aliens got to the miners, corrupting all of them except Canary 214-LE, the rookie miner.

The aliens tried to turn 214-LE to their side, and 214 was rejected by killing the corrupted miners. They then sent armed miners in to kill him. After their attempted murder had failed, the Miner Canary, corrupted, planted a time bomb in the facility, with the detonation time of one minute eighteen seconds (1:18).

This also failed, and once 214 was inches away from the exit, the miner canary pleaded with 214 to not leave, but 214 still rejected, leaving. The colony then exploded, with only one alien escaping, who would then multiply in space.


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In one transmission sent by the miner canary before corruption, was that they had obtained samples of the aliens and tested them in the Mining Colony's lab.


By use of drills, The Canaries drilled Tunnels into the asteroid, which they searched for Diamonds and precious minerals. Many places were placed with metal to avoid collapse of the tunnels.

Sorting rooms

Seen in the background of all levels in Canary is several metal boxes attached to rods moving up. This seems to be the area where the crystals are taken to other areas of the facility.


  • The setting of a space station being attacked by aliens and a person going in to exterminate them is a common setting in many science fiction video games and movies,
  • Since the station has CM08 it its name, it is possible there are other Canary Mining Colonies (CM07, CM06), and the boss was just the boss of that Colony.
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