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This article is about cannons from Bad Ice-Cream 2. For cannons from other games, please see Cannons.

Cannons are interactive objects in the game Bad Ice-Cream 2.


Cannons appear as grey, round metal spheres with an opening at one end. The opening has a circular metal layer surrounding it. A large cog surrounds the cannon, probably to power it. Four large grey bolts secure the cannon to the ground. The fire coming out of the top of cannons is yellow and orange.

Game information

Cannons always turn so that they are facing the player. When an ice cream character walks into a cannon, it will be trapped inside, and a fire on top of the cannon will light. The player then can press any directional key (Left.png, Right.png, Up.png, Down.png) to choose the direction in which they would like to be fired.

If the player then presses the fire key (the key used to shoot ice blocks), they will be fired from the cannon in the direction they chose. When fired from a cannon, ice cream characters are black and covered with soot. They also have the ability to crush ice blocks when being fired. They cannot, however, crush normal blocks or walls.