Multiplayer games are main games that have the option of being played with up to two players or that are only multiplayer. (Go Go UFO, Mallet Mania, and Rush support up to to four players on a keyboard. Other games, such as Double Edged, Bad Ice-Cream, Bad Ice-Cream 2, and Twin Shot 2, support up to four players via Nitrome Touchy.) Players can compete against each other for the higher score or can work together as a team to complete the level.

In some games, players can play multiplayer to complete levels, which would be hard to complete in single player. Some games do not have this feature, with the Multiplayer feature only for competition with other players.

Players cannot play multiplayer against other players over the Internet, only against players on the same computer (players having to share a keyboard). Multiplayer games are placed as a separate category on

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