This article is about caterpillars from Scribble. For caterpillars from other games, please see Caterpillar.

Caterpillar doodles are enemies in the game Scribble.


Caterpillar doodles are made up of six to seven segments, excluding their head. They are also purple coloured with a white head and a black nose and mouth. They also have black eyes and antennae, as well as black feet.

Game information

Caterpillar doodles are first introduced in the desert levels of Scribble. These enemies move horizontally, turning at walls.

It will kill the blots on contact, and is one of the few enemies in the game that can be killed. To kill it, the player has to draw ink with their mouse cursor (which is what they can only do with the cursor) across each segment of the caterpillar doodle.

The segments will individually pop when this is done. When the second to last segment is drawn across, the second last and last head will both pop, since the last head will not be attached to anything.

Other appearances

  • Classic skin - A caterpillar doodle is walking around.
    Caterpillar drawing

    A caterpillar doodle in the Classic skin


  • Since the caterpillar has a big nose, it is possible it was a reference to Wigglers from the Mario series of video games.