Type Cannon
Grid spaces 4
Numbers in brackets ([ ]) signify damage dealt by dropped fragments of a Weapon. [[ ]] indicates damage by further fragments.
No upgrade Upgraded
Health 300 N/A
Damage 5
Reload Slow Faster
The above content only applies to Steamlands.

Catherine is a bullet-firing weapon in the game Steamlands. Catherine was not featured in the main mode of Steamlands, but was one of three guns added to the block palette in dev mode during the second update.


Catherine has a grey base with the side edges that curve up. The inside of the side edges is coloured gold, and in the middle of the base is a semicircle which serves as the base of the turret.

On top of the semicircle is the turret, which has a two small slits on each sides. The turret is coloured gold and has a shiny gold cannon on the top.

Game information

Catherine fires a projectile which is circular in the middle and has very small pipes on each sides. When this is fired, bullets will come out of one end while the projectile rotates, dealing damage to the enemy and the player's gun and blocks, as the bullets will also fly back at the player.

The projectile will explode when it hits the enemy tank, dealing damage to whatever it hit. Catherine has a a maximum health of 300, and cannot be upgraded further as no shop items exist for it.

Catherine shop items

No shop items exist, likely because it was not meant to be able to be upgraded.


  • The Catherine gun acts similar to the firework of the same name.
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