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The chain cannon is a weapon used by Dirk Valentine in the game Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam.


The chain cannons consists of a gun that is held by Dirk, which ends with a spinning ball; which has to L-shaped sticks pointing out of it's sides. Attached to the ball is a cylinder, and attached to that cylinder is a wire that attaches to a ball.

Putting it on

Dirk's hand goes into the cylinder, and the wire attached to the ball goes on his shoulder.

Game information


When Dirk is standing on non-armoured surfaces and fires at non-armoured surfaces, it will create a chain that dirk can walk on. If Dirk fires again, the previously made chain will disappear. The chain cannon shots can also kill enemies or damage them. If a fired ball creates a platform, if it first bounces off a non-armoured surface and impacts another non-armoured surface, another platform will be created; this will go on until an armoured surface is impacted.


Monty created the chain cannon as an experimental weapon Dirk Valentine could use when going to rescue Queen Victoria aboard the Fortress of Steam; this was also the only weapon Dirk was armed with.

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Once rescuing her, Monty mass produced the weapon and became a millionaire.


Main Article: Valentine

The chain cannon appeared as a cut weapon in Steamlands Dev Mode, under the name "Valentine". The Valentine was one of two weapons which did not fire any bullets, the other being the coal toss. The Valentine was very different from other guns, as it could pull blocks, special parts, and gunsoff an enemy tank. This gun was a reference to Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam.

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