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A list of changes made in Nitrome games after they were released.

B.C. Bow Contest

  • The Fire Cup and Tar Cup were added.

Cave Chaos

  • As a player would run through the cave, there used to be bats that would help put the platform together of which the player would run across, but some time later in the year, they suddenly disappeared. Nitrome re-added the bats on July 25, 2011.

Double Edged

  • The priest of hecate was changed to the earl of hecate for unknown reasons, but in some parts of the game retained its original name "priest of hecate".

Enemy 585

  • After getting several requests about adding checkpoints to the game, Nitrome added them in November of that year.

Ice Breaker: The Gathering

  • After all the levels were released, Nitrome added a feature where the player could continue onto the next set of levels after completing the final level for a clan. Eventually, they also added an ending to the game.

Nitrome Must Die

  • After some time of the game's release, Nitrome edited the amount of damage that the barrel gun does so that it would be much stronger.

Rubble Trouble

  • Nitrome changed Rubble Trouble into Rubble Trouble New York with a different main menu background, and two new levels.

Rubble Trouble Tokyo

  • The animations on the glass screens were replaced with a maintenance image. This does not happen in the distributable version.
    • This renders the Off the Rails minigame impossible to play.
    • However, this does not happen anymore on the site due to a recent update.

Test Subject Arena

  • Nitrome made it easier to defeat the other player with the melee attack. Before, a player could duck in the corner and keep shooting, making it very difficult for him/her to be defeated.

Test Subject Blue

  • Nitrome let people submit their scores at the end of the game.

Tiny Castle

Twin Shot 2

  • Skins were added after the game's release.
  • When Twin Shot 2 was made Touchy compatible, the skins were made free along with the Cheats n' Treats and Evil Levels. The MochiCoins were replaced with a coin system, where the player had to collect coins to unlock Cheats.

Skywire VIP Extended

  • 'My Neighbour Totoro' was removed because of the discrepancy between "neighbour" and "neighbor" in British and American spelling.

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