This article is about checkpoint from Enemy 585. For checkpoint from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Checkpoints are interactive objects in the game Enemy 585. They are additions to the original game.


Checkpoints first appear as a sad, non-moving pole. The pole is brown with diagonal stripes, and a dark grey circle head. The head has two eyes and a straight line for a mouth. However, once the checkpoint is passed, it's head will turn in a circle and they will become happy. The lines on their pole will start moving. Also, their face will light up to a bright yellow, and they will smile.

Game information

Once Enemy 585 passes a checkpoint, he will respawn there if he dies. This saves him from repawning back at the start of the level.


  • Checkpoints were added to Enemy 585 three days after its release, in response to many requests by Nitromians.

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