This article is about checkpoints from Gunbrick. For checkpoints from other games, please see Checkpoints.

Checkpoints are interactive objects in the Gunbrick series.



In Gunbrick unactivated checkpoints appears as a blue block with a white button on top, this block having on it a light blue box with a hole in the middle. An unactivated checkpoint appears as a light blue bar with a white button on top.

When activated, a checkpoint appears as a light blue box with light coloured blue energy moving up. On this box is a rotating white "c". A thin platform checkpoint appears like this but without the blue box.

Gunbrick mobile

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Checkpoints are encountered throughout Gunbrick and save the player's progress in the level (but not in the game) when activated. When unactivated they appear as a blue box with a button, but when rolled over they transform into a checkpoint. From then on, whenever the player dies they will respawn at the checkpoint until the player activates another checkpoint.

Checkpoints on thin platforms act the same but have a more simpler appearance.

Gunbrick mobile

Checkpoints in Gunbrick mobile act the same as in Gunbrick.

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