Classic Winter

The Classic skin was the first skin used on It is mostly pink and has many Nitrome characters that appeared in many early Nitrome games, characters up to Scribble, and also including balloons from Hot Air 2. This skin first began being used on 1.2, at the time being the only selectable skin.


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Interactive skin

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Classic tileAn octopus from the Hot Air seriesA squirrel from Chick FlickA squirrel from Chick FlickA pirate shipA pear doodle from ScribbleA brain, the mascot for programmingPoly from Roly PolyA balloon shaped like a chick from Chick FlickA balloon shaped like a brainA balloon shaped like a boulder doodle from ScribbleA balloon shaped like an spherical creatureThe tank from Tanked UpA bulletA keyA hermit crabA hermit crabA hermit crabA caterpillar doodle from ScribbleA drill from Hot AirA drill from Hot AirA spherical creature creature in a planeA spherical creature in a planeA robotTwo land mines from Tanked UpA spherical creatureAn early Nitrome TowersA chick from Chick FlickA paint blower, the mascot for artworkA dragon worm from the Hot Air seriesHot Air, a main character from the Hot Air seriesThree blots from ScribbleA bee from Feed MeA dragonfly from Feed MeA dragonfly from Feed MeA chick from Chick FlickA treasure chestA fly from Feed MeA fly from Feed MeA fly from Feed MeA venus fly trap from Feed MeA venus fly trap from Feed MeA sleepwalker from SandmanA sleepwalker from SandmanA sleepwalker from SandmanA nightmare from SandmanA portal from SandmanTwo moles from Chick Flick


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Nitrome button classic

Nitrome's logo when selecting the Classic skin

The skin has many small hills with wind whirling around some of them. The hills rest on a large body of water. On one hill there are two venus fly traps embedded in the ground trying to eat three flies, while there are three smaller hills near it. The right fly trap succeeds in eating a fly, while the left is still trying. A hill close to the one with venus fly traps on it has three blots dancing to music from a radio, not known to them that two dragonflies see a bee about to pierce its stinger into one of the three blots.

Near these two hills, there is a gust of wind, and Hot Air is near the tip of it with a smile, unknown to him that a dragon worm underwater follows him. Near the hill with dancing blots is another hill with a gust of wind going half way around it, and a chick sitting on top of a huge treasure chest on top of the hill. To the right of the hill with the chick on top of the chest, there is a hill a bit smaller (and closer to the water) with two smaller hills in the water.

On top of the mountain is a portal with three sleepwalker walking out of it, unknown to them that they are being watched by a nightmare. The third Sleepwalker has walked off the hill, and is going to fall to his death in the water, with the other two on solid ground following him. There is another bunch of four hills, with the first one having a paint blower with a drop of paint coming out of his mouth, and paint below him.

To the right of the hill with the blower, is a hill that has three smaller hills, and a hermit crab on one of them. On the hill is a caterpillar doodle which doesn't know about the two planes flying above it (with two legged characters as the pilot) that are dropping drills on it.

Near the hill with the doodle on it is another hill which has a chick beside a sign that is pointing to another hill with a house on it. This hill has two much smaller hills located at the bottom of the mountain. On top of the hill is a house, and to the left of the house is a two legged character.

Classic button

The button to select the Classic skin.


  • Hot Air 2 - The presence of the house with a happy face and eyes is an indicator of Hot Air 2, where the same house appears in the opening and is subsequently the house of Hot Air's wife. Also, the Balloons sold by the brain have designs used for Balloons in Hot Air 2
  • Aquanaut - The hermit crabs that appear here appear in Aquanaut, although the presence of the crabs and their appearance in a game are likely coincidental.

Unnamed characters

The Classic skin features Nitrome characters from Nitrome's first six games. The game hints both Hot Air 2 and Aquanaut, both which have elements from the respective game in the skin before those elements appeared in the game.

Although close to all characters in the skin appear in a game or are set to appear in a game, a few characters in the skin never appear in a game. These characters are:

Spherical creatures

The spherical creatures in the skin - one seen next to a house that is meant to be Nitrome Towers, and two in a plane - were actually part of an unreleased Nitrome game. This Nitrome game was in development prior to the release and during the creation of the Classic skin, which would have placed its development prior to November 16th 2006[1], but was then soon cancelled[note 1].

Sphere creatures

The three spherical creatures in the Classic skin

This game would be a puzzle game[note 1] that required the use of the mouse, to either guide robots that would be used for puzzle solving[note 1] or robots that would be controlled by some other method and the player solved puzzles with the mouth.[note 1]

The game's cancellation was because "there was not enough to it"[note 1], this referring to lack of ideas for the game's level design, game components, or both. This game was cancelled soon after being started,[note 1] and did not have a name due to being very early in development.[note 1]


This robot appears on a hill among two mines. This robot's first appearance was on the top bar of 1.0. It has not appeared in any games.

The robot bears a very strong resemblance to the character WALL•E from the Disney-Pixar movie of the same name. The only difference between the two characters are their colour, and that WALL•E has three fingered hands.

The robot may also be a reference to R.O.B., an accessory robot for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

Paint blowers

Main article: Paint blowers

Paint blowers also have not appeared in any game. It is highly likely this character was not meant to appear in any game, and was made exclusively for the game artists section of Unlike the brain who appears in the same section of the site and has appeared in a game, this character is yet to make an appearance in a Nitrome game. Also, paint blowers appear on the jobs page under "Games Artist".


Main article: Brains

Brains appear in the image for the job page for the programmer role. Brains - unlike the paint blowers - have appeared in a Nitrome game, but only as a cameo. They appeared as a balloon in Hot Air 2. Since this appearance, they have not appeared in another Nitrome game. However, one did appear in the NES skin.


  • This skin remained unnamed until the Winter skin was released, as a link to the Skin Selection page did not exist as there was only one skin.
  • The hills in this skin resemble the background of Hot Air.


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