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Defence Robot Alpha is the first boss that appears in Final Ninja, appearing on level 10.


Defence Robot Alpha has a torso that appears like a human torso. It appears as a metal box with four cylinders, to at the bottom pointing out, and two at the top edges, acting like shoulders. The two bottom cylinders are attached to another box that has four spider like legs attached. The two shoulder cylinders are attached to a beam that goes behind them.

At the top of the torso-like box is a helmet structure, appearing as a transparent half circle that holds Akuma's brain, in the middle of the half circle being a small blue circle with a green light. Behind this helmet, attached to the behind beam, is a large box. Below the torso is a Blue Wall Mounted Gun, lacking the base.

Game information


From the game, Akuma apparently stole this robot and used it to fight Takeshi. After the battle with Takeshi, Akuma modified it and used it again on Takeshi.


Defence Robot Alpha will stay in one place prior to Takeshi coming. When Takeshi commences the fight with it, he will have to set off the tripwire lasers in the area, which will make Robot Alpha known of Takeshi, and it to begin attacking. Defence Robot Alpha's only attack is to fire its Blue Wall Mounted Gun at Takeshi, which it will fire at a medium pace and with great accuracy.

Basic cyber guards will be spawned out of the above spawners on the ceiling, and swarm the floor. There inability to fire upwards is a great advantage in this battle, as they are minor threats to the player. The player should jump around a lot and fire at anywhere on Defence Robot Alpha, as anywhere on it is its weak spot. They should not try to jump over Defence Robot Zero, as they may likely fall and hit it, causing damage to themselves. If the player jumps around a lot, they will likely not be harmed by the floor walking Cyber Guards, and probably avoid close to all gunfire directed towards them. Takeshi could also use his stealth ability to hide from Defence Robot Alpha and allow for a small window of opportunity to hit the boss with lots of ninja stars.

Since the player cannot be harmed, and Defence Robot Alpha is done for with 30 Ninja Stars, this battle is very easy and short. Upon defeating Defence Robot Alpha, a brief cutscene of the fiery wreck retreating will be seen, with Akuma saying "You may have defeated me in Robot Alpha, but I'll be back with Robot Zero!".

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