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Demos are a small preview of a game in order for Nitrome advertise an upcoming game, as well as get feedback from the players. Nitrome first told about the upcoming demos in their blog on March 23, 2012. One week later, on March 30th, Nitrome released their first demo- a demo for Cheese Dreams 2.


The startup for demos

Nitrome's demos also have a unique startup. It consists of the word "Nitrome" being drawn on a blueprint paper in white pencil. After that, a scanner goes over the word sketch and then turns it into a 3-D image of the word. The word "demo" appears in small, flickering computer letters underneath.


The demos are a single level that is left for the player to freely explore. There is sometimes a finish, but there is no next level. Usually, there are a certain amount of pickups that the player can collect throughout the level. During the game, signs are usually found frequently around the level, informing the player about new components they added that was not in previous games, or how to play.

The Demo ad

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#001- Cheese Dreams 2
#002- Hot Air Jr.
#003- Flightless