Dirk Valentine is the main character in the game Dirk Valentine.


Dirk wears a dark green peaked cap with a black brim and a gold V on it. He also wears a brown bomber jacket and a brown backpack. This possibly holds a parachute. Dirk also wears an eyepatch and has a mustache.

Game information


Dirk Valentine is Britian's greatest spy, explorer, and fighter, and was sent into The fortress of steam to save Queen Victoria and to defeat Baron Battenberg. He carries the chain cannon to attack enemies, to make bridges and to free prisoners.

After he freed Queen Victoria, and escaped the Fortress of Steam, he went back to London, only to get trapped in the Martian Underworld.

In game

Dirk is armed with a chain cannon that can fire chain links at enemies and create bridges. Dirk can single jump onto higher ledges, and can survive a fall from large heights.


Other appearances


  • Dirk was meant to speak during Dirk Valentine. This is evident by a message avatar existing for Dirk, found only in the files of Dirk Valentine. This idea was likely scrapped early on in development. However, the presence of an avatar may indicate that this speaking was meant to be Dirk replying to Monty, or Dirk talking to himself.

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