This article is about dragons from Hot Air series. For dragons from other games, please see Dragons.


This article is about worms from Hot Air series. For worms from other games, please see Worm.

Dragon worms are enemies in the Hot Air series. Dragon worms are long dragon-like worms that move around the stage in the levels they appear in.


Dragon worms appear as a giant dragon-like worm. They have twenty spherical segments, which has a special segment with a fan on the right end, and the head on the left end. The special segment located on the right side is made up of two spheres (one bigger than the other), and a constantly rotating fan attached to the smallest sphere that is located to the right of the second smallest sphere.

The head, located on the left end of the many segment body, is dragon-like, having a sphere with a snout and mouth leading down the middle of the side not facing the many segments. The face of the dragon worms have two eyes and an eyebrow in an angry fashion; Dragon Worms come in pink and purple.

Game information

Dragon worms appear on level 21 of Hot Air 1, and on level 16: Dragon Breath of Hot Air 2. Dragon worms move in a circle in Hot Air 1, and in straight directions in Hot Air 2. Dragon worms can change their course any time in Hot Air 2. They are indestructible, and will pop the balloon on contact.

Hot Air 1

In Hot Air 1, two dragon worms appear on level 21, each moving in a circle. There is a small pink dragon worm in the middle of a large rotating dragon worm. To pass them, the player has to go through the only opening of the enemies, which is located between the head and tail.

The player has to go first through the opening provided by the purple dragon worm, and then the one provided by the pink one, then back out the second opening then out the second. This level is considered by many very difficult, as the player has to time it right to get past the dragon worms.

Hot Air 2

In Hot Air 2, dragon worms appear on level 16: Dragon Breath. Dragon worms do not and cannot at all move in circles, instead moving in straight motions, either horizontal or vertical. They can bend at any moment and take a new course, but cannot move in circles or in circular movements. Several dragon worms appear in the level, making the level a dangerous maze of dragon worms. Some dragon worms may intersect each other, likely due to the large number of Worms in the room.