This article is about dragons from Twin Shot 2. For dragons from other games, please see Dragons.

Dragons are enemies in the game Twin Shot 2, in the Evil levels, as well as in Nitrome Must Die. They have a counterpart called the boomerang dragon.


Dragons appear as green spheres with two small legs and some yellow spikes up its back. Dragons have two small eyes and a big mouth. They can fire a fireball which will travel until it hits the character or an obstacle. They only appear in the evil levels of Twin Shot 2. They do not appear in the prequel, Twin Shot, at all.

Game information

Twin Shot 2

Dragons appear only in the evil levels of Twin Shot 2. Dragons walk around the level, and upon seeing the angel, will fire a blazing fireball, which will travel in that direction before it hits either a wall or the angel. If touched, the angel will get harmed.

Nitrome Must Die


A dragon in NMD

Dragons appear often in Nitrome Must Die. They behave almost exactly as they did in Twin Shot 2; they will turn if the character is in the opposite descending direction. Dragons appear alongside other dragons, and also retain their sprite from Twin Shot 2. When a dragon sees the character, they will fire a fireball, which can actually be obtained as a weapon in Nitrome Must Die. Their fireball looks the same as the actual weapon.

The fireball deals to the character a certain amount of health damage for every second it is on the character. Unlike the weapon, fireballs shot by the dragons do not loop. The character can stop them from firing if they are harmed with the character weapon.

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